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CounTERPart Semiochemicals

Your future active ingredients for sustainable insect management.

Our Mission

We are working to create new sustainable pheromones and other semiochemicals for insect pest management that perform for both growers and the environment.

Bio-based sustainable semiochemical solutions

Bio-based sustainable semiochemical solutions

Integrated biocatalytic platform

Integrated biocatalytic platform

Innovative terpene active ingredients

Innovative terpene active ingredients

IPM compatible

IPM compatible

Eliminate MRL issues

Eliminate MRL issues

The Need

Insect biodiversity is rapidly declining because of global agriculture and climate change. We need modern environmentally friendly methods of crop protection for growers to continue to ensure our global futures.

The Challenge

Currently 80% of lures target only 20% of insect pests for sustainable IPM leaving growers lacking the required tools to manage key insect pests.

The Solution

Pheromones and other semiochemicals offer a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for insect pest management. Our innovative biocatalytic technology delivers access to new semiochemical active ingredients for IPM to supplement traditional insecticide use.

Active Ingredients

And many more.....

Meet our Team

Dr Luke Johnson

Prof John Pickett

Dr Glesni Pierce-Jones

Dr Owen Jones

Prof Rudolf Allemann

What are Semiochemicals?

Semiochemicals are natural signals released by plants, insects and other organisms that alter the behaviour of individuals. This ‘chemical language’ governs insect behaviours like mating and locating host plants.

By harnessing these natural signals, we can sustainably monitor and manage insect pest populations for growers.

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